So, you think you know Pittsburgh?
Join us for a jaw-dropping, hilarious virtual tour into Pittsburgh's astounding, largely unknown past. The Dean of Pittsburgh tour guides, Haydn Thomas, tells you Pittsburgh's story as you've never heard it--accompanied by pictures, of course.

Geo. Washington, Braddock, Pa.
   WHEN and WHERE:  

               April 27, 2018 
                         7:30 pm
               Oaks Theatre
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We tell you the stories that changed the world. The infamous Homestead strike, and the worst day in American labor history. The man who was elected mayor while he was in jail. How Major James Grant sent hundreds of soldiers to their deaths in one of the stupidest attacks in military history--and even after the French captured him, he wrote to his commanding General asking for a promotion (and, yes, Grant Street is named after him). How George Westinghouse gave his revolutionary air brake a hair-raising, unplanned tryout--to save a man's life. The time when Pittsburghers prevented a full-blown civil war at the high water mark of the Whiskey Rebellion--by throwing a picnic and getting the rebels drunk. How abolitionists launched the national Republican Party in Pittsburgh to stop the spread of slavery. We'll show you the site downtown where the modern zombie craze was born -- fans of "Walking Dead" et al. take note. We'll show you where the Lewis and Clark expedition really started--and tell you the unbelievable story of why Meriwether Lewis couldn't wait to get out of Pittsburgh. And much more. This is Pittsburgh history on steroids!
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